About Us

Natures Remedies is a New Zealand company which provides herbal supplements and remedies to maintain your emotional and physical health and well being. We have a range of natural remedies available for depression help and we also can provide you with a herbal remedy to relieve symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.

Facing up and seeking depression help and relief from anxiety is the first step in taking control and managing your emotional health. Many conventional pharmaceutical products have nasty side effects and can be unpleasant to take. Now there is a herbal remedy for depression, Amoryn, which when taken daily can help you feel better within weeks.

When you look after your emotional and physical health you can make the most of each and every day. We have products that offer depression help, relief from anxiety as well as herbal supplements for wellbeing.

“A Joyful heart is good medicine.” - King Solomon (950 BC), Pr 17
Daniel & Hollie Pluck

Natures Remedies has being going since 2005. Daniel and Hollie took over the distribution of Amoryn & Seredyn in April 2014. They live in ‘sunny Nelson’, New Zealand with their four kids -one boy and 3 girls.

Passionate about health and wellbeing, Daniel uses his internet-marketing and web-development skill he aquired at University to improve and update the website to continually improve the experience for customers. He was brought up in Nelson but spent some time in Christchruch where he met and married Hollie.

Other than marrying and starting a family, in Christchurch Daniel attended Caterbury University as well as a working at different jobs and his own businesses. Part of the work involved being a “Healthy 100″ consultant; helping people live to 100 years in good health. He continued learning and providing vitamin supplements for many years as well as doing “free radical” tests for people to see how good their “anti-oxident” levels were.

After that, Daniel and Hollie went on to sell wheat-grass plants as well as exercise and eating programs before Hollie became a successful personal trainer – featuring in the June 2014 “Admire” magazine and a finalist for the Fitness Awards 2014.